Quest 1

Adventure, Day Two, Departure from Oronthal to Khazak

Last time, ended with fight with returning to an inn and taking an extended rest.
Gordrim introduces Crag, a Shifter Ranger, whom will accompany the party. Cossiflue goes to finds regents. Doesn’t find anything
Go along road east, encounters village. Run down, reclusive people. Disagreement with what to do, decided to uncover the disturbance. Group goes inside to find information. Sees gnome in bar wearing leather armor with a dagger enjoying water. Told about ruins in a nearby. Told to go to.
Cleric, Skeleton 2, Monk, Large Skeleton, Blackguard, Battlemind, Ranger, Skeleton 1
Boneshard Skeleton 77-10=67-10=57-10=47-5=42-13=29-5=24-5=19=11
Skeleton 1 45-6=39-6=33-15=17
Skeleton 2 45-8=37-9=28-4=24-11=13-6=7 Fell to Death
With all enemies dead, our heroes move into the dark tunnel and prepare for the evil ahead. Encounter with Skull Lord that gives them a fight with three skeletons.
Skeleton 1, Ranger, Skeleton 2, Monk, Skeleton 3, Battlemind, Blackguard, Cleric
1 45-13=32-10-22(reduced AC to 14)-5=17-5=11-4=7
2 45-5=40-13=27-5=22(reduce AC to 15)-8=14-5=9-6=3-5=-2
3 45-5=40-5=35-16=19(reduce AC to 15. Reduce +10 to +3)-10=9-11=-2



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