Quest 1

Departure and Magic Items

Party reconvenes after fight in catacombs. Complete quest and add 1000. Gets bow from old man.
Cleric, Ranger, Bear, Blackguard, Battlemind, Monk
Bear 170-16=154 (+5 vunerability to Cleric Attacks)-16=138-5=133-5=128-11=117-5=112-14=98(ongoing 5 cold and necrotic damage)-6=92-7=85-16=61-10=51-5=46-8=33-11=22-11=11
Dwarf Jumps out of bushes while investigating a traveled road.
D, BM, R, Alice
Cleric, Monk, Dwarf, Blackguard
Dwarf 45-12=33-11-22-10=12
Go down road following Mind Flayers and Dwarves. Lost them on Grasslands and couldn’t find the wagon their quarry was traveling in. Encounter Doppleganger which Gordrim murders.



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