Quest 1

Adventure, Day Three, The Mine

Enter large room with four plinths at the end. Each has a different color crystal. Two closed doors on the side with two notches each with large insciption on them each.
North Door: “Two sides of coin – One in the sky, one under the land – Never meeting, rarely seeing each other – The grand sky – And the deep magma”
South Door: “A deep peace and faithful healing – A vicious anger and bloody vengeance – Though both are their purpose – Both can bring about dismay”
Ranger, SS, NS, BG, Monk, BM, Cleric
South Skeleton – 65-3=62-5=57-13=44(take ongoing cold 5)-5=39-5=34-13=21-5=16(Save end cold damage)-6=10-10=0
North Skeleton – 65-12=53(marked, grants combat advantage)-5=48-8=40(Combat Advantage Ends)-8=32-12=20-15=5-infintiy=Dead



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